Gondwana Research

–Tectonics, Metamorphism, Mineralogy, and Fluid Activity”

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Date: May 10, 2007

Place: Conference Hall of the Hokkaido University Museum (1st Floor)

13:00 – 15:15                             Chairman: Hiroharu Matsueda


1)The making and breaking of Rodinia and Gondowanaland

by Somnath Dasgupta


2)Oxygen and carbon isotope studies of skarns at Skallevik Halsen, East Antarctica

by Testuo Suzuki, Osamu Matsubaya and Hiroharu Matsueda

3)Occurrence, mineralogy and stable isotope of graphite and carbonaceous materials from Antarctica

by Hiroharu Matsueda, Tetsuo Suzuki and Osamu Matsubaya


4) What are material and tectonic characteristics of the Main Central Thrust zone in Himalaya? : New constraints from Nd geochemistry in Nepal

by Takeshi Imayama

5) Characteristic Seismotectonics of the Himalaya; Insights and  Foresights : A Review

by Subesh Ghimire

6) Thrust tectonics and uplift of the Nepal Himalaya

by Kazunori Arita

7) Geological and magnetostratigraphic aspects of the Siwaliks and pre-Siwaliks (including the Gondwanas) in the southern margin of the Nepal Himalaya

by Pitambar Gautam,

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15:30 – 17:30                                  Chairman: Kazunori Arita

Sri Lanka

8) Fluid activity in high grade metamorphic rocks of Sri Lanka

by Junji Torimoto, Hiroharu Matsueda and Sachihiro Taguchi


9) P-T determinations from fluid Inclusion analysis in the NaCl-CO2-H2O system -application to high grade metamorphism in the Eastern Ghats Granulite Belt, India-

by Ryohei Takahashi and Tetsu Joko

10) On mega- and meso-scale sheath folds found in Visakhapatnam Area, Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, India

by Takamura Tsuchiya

11) Evolution of Chilka Lake granulites of the Eastern Ghats Belt, India and its implication in Gondwana reconstruction

by Sankar Bose, Kaushik Das, Subrata Karmakar

and Syamantak Chatterjee

12) Mesoproterozoic regional high pressure metamorphism in northwestern India and its significance in inter-continental correlation

by Somnath Dasgupta and Santanu Kumar Bhowmik


18:00 – 20:00  Party

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